Weekly Health Screenings - Georgetown, SC

This event currently has no upcoming dates.

Georgetown Hospital System's Community Health Education Department offers weekly health screenings every Tuesday in the mall area of Georgetown Memorial Hospital. Pre-registration is not required for weekly screenings. For more information, call the Community Health Education information line at 843.520.8447.

Screening offerings include:

Pneumovac for $50

Adacel (TDAP) for $35

Finger Stick Lipid Profile (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Total/HDL ratio and blood sugar) for $20 (requires a 8 - 10 hour fast)

Diabetes Screening-Hemoglobin A1C for $15 (no fasting required)

Blood sugar levels for $3 (requires a 2 hour fast) 

Free blood pressure screenings

*Flu vaccines available for $25. Medicare B is accepted, and a Medicare card must be presented. 



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